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Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tamawhariua – Services

Our core purpose is to improve the health and social status of our client base with intent of meeting their hopes and aspirations for a sustainable future.

We Provide a range of Services including:

  • Whanau Support
  • Youth at risk
  • Adult Mental Health Clinician
  • Infant Child Adolescent Youth Mental Health
  • Peer support and Advocacy
  • Rangatahi/Youth AOD (Alcohol and other Drugs)
  • Whanau Ora
  • Kaiarahi – Whanau Ora Navigator



Adult Mental Health Clinician.

Mobile: 0224868230

  • To ensure KAMH works in partnership with whanau (client).
  • To ensure whanau (client) is  protected (privacy, confidentiality)and safety is paramount.
  • To ensure whanau ( client) participates in all decision making..

Tino Rangatirtanga – Taking ownership of ones own health & wellbeing. – I will walk beside you, not in front or behind.

Youth at risk

Mobile: 0275495386

To work alongside Rangatahi/Youth and their Whanau

  • To receive optimal cultural care and support in order to empower them to achieve their goals, with the aim that Rangatahi/Youth  no longer offend or exhibit anti social behaviour.


Peer Support and Advocacy

Mobile: 07 5490 760

The service will ensure that clients and their whānau receive cultural care, advocacy and support in order to empower them to achieve their goals.


Infant Child Adolescent Youth Mental Health

Mobile: 0275495384

To support whanau & carers in maximizing the individual developmental potential & mental health of Infants, Children & Youth


Kaiarahi – Whanau Ora Navigator

Mobile: 022 232 778

  • Our Kaiārahi Whānau Ora Navigator provides support to whānau through working with them to create and then implement plans that positively impact on family growth, development and wellbeing. Plans are whānau-centred, and can include anything from educational goals to social, health, cultural, or economic goals, but plans must also reflect the desires of the whānau so that whānau are self-directed and empowered as they achieve their plans. Kaiārahi also support whānau to integrate social and health services, improving their own outcomes, moving towards optimal independence, and greater enjoyment of life – a mauri ora state of being.



Rangatahi/Youth AOD

Mobile: 022 029 1034

To deliver Kaupapa Maori community based early intervention programs and treatment for Alcohol and other drug addictions for Rangatahi/Youth at risk of having or developing addictions to substance related lifestyles. This service is provided to Youth aged 0-20 years of age.


Whanau Support

Mobile: 0224868230

To support whanau with  Tamariki towards a productive and connected family unit by supporting their overall needs to wellbeing


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