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Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tamawhariua – Services

Our core purpose is to improve the health and social status of our client base with intent of meeting their hopes and aspirations for a sustainable future.

We Provide a range of Services including:

  • Whanau Support
  • Youth at risk
  • Adult Mental Health
  • Infant Child Adolescent Youth Mental Health
  • Peer support and Advocacy
  • Alcohol and other Drugs Support
  • Whanau Ora
  • Whanau Ora Navigator

Kaupapa Adult Mental Health Clinician.

Mobile: 0224868230

  • To ensure KAMH works in partnership with whanau (client).
  • To ensure whanau (client) is  protected (privacy, confidentiality)and safety is paramount.
  • To ensure whanau ( client) participates in all decision making..

Tino Rangatirtanga – Taking ownership of ones own health & wellbeing. – I will walk beside you, not in front or behind.

Youth at risk

Mobile: 0275495386

  • To work alongside Rangatahi/Youth and their Whanau
  • To receive optimal cultural care and support in order to empower them to achieve their goals, with the aim that Rangatahi/Youth  no longer offend or exhibit anti social behaviour.

ICAY Mental Health Services

Mobile: 0275495384

To support whanau & carers in maximizing the individual developmental potential & mental health of Infants, Children & Youth

Whanau ora

Mobile: 0225495381

  • Provides a Maori community health service with a range of general health education and promotions ,advisory  and liaison and coordination activities.
  • A key objective  of the service is to ensure that the activities of existing health professionals are co-ordinated and effectively targeted for Maori, and the Maori are assisted to better utilise those services. 
  • Services will delivered through whanau health plans of specific conditions and age groups to improve their whanau well being. 


Rangatahi/Youth AOD

Mobile: 0225495382

To deliver Kaupapa Maori community based early intervention programs and treatment for Alcohol and other drug addictions for Rangatahi/Youth at risk of having or developing addictions to substance related lifestyles. This service is provided to Youth aged 0-20 years of age.

Whanau Support

Mobile: 0224868230

To support whanau with  Tamariki towards a productive and connected family unit by supporting their overall needs to wellbeing

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